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“I am writing to provide as a ‘point of reference’ relating to the expertise and professionalism experienced whilst working with Mr Mark Brocklesby in Liverpool earlier this year. I was aware through a number of professional sources that Mark was indeed a discerning musician with an insight into not simply the How’s and Why’s of the recording domain. However, perhaps equally impressive is Mark’s ability to create an environment conducive to nurturing the best musical statement from those who put their trust in his expertise, experience and genuine desire for excellence. Having worked as a professional conductor in the recording studio for almost 30 years and in a number of quite diverse settings, this latter point is perhaps the most significant part of the impact that Mark Brocklesby clearly provided in the time I was privileged to draw upon his engineering and creativity.Mark is aware of the musical ingredient needed for clarity in reproducing the natural sound, of the artist and there is never a doubt that working with Mark will produce a positive and fulfilling end result. This in itself justifies his acute attention to detail and desire to simply ‘get it right’ for the artist. This confidence that is founded on Mark Brocklesby’s experience and innate musicianship is something that represents somewhat of a hallmark in the work I have seen reflected in his studio projects. Mr Brocklesby has the skills necessary in building a solid bond between production and performance in the context of his uncompromising studio work. There is in Mark’s case no division between the roles that integrate the craft and art of good recording practice and the ‘making of music’.

My thanks to Mark Brocklesby for his special blend of both personal and professional skills that he brings to the recording experience.”
(Professor David King, Professional Conductor)

“Mark worked as a tracking engineer on my latest album. I found him to be very experienced, professional, thorough, organized, calm and controlled. His skill level is 1st class and ability to cope within various social environments and with artists is also to be noted. A great guy too. A pleasure to work with and also a fantastic drummer and percussionist” (Yousef)

“My name is Ciaron Bell and i am a record producer/songwriter based in liverpool, on many occasions i have had the pleasure of working with Mark Brocklesby, as a sound engineer i find him incredibly intuitive and extremely helpful and creative particularly when choosing mic placement and mic preference, he also has an excellent grasp of analogue and digital recording which i find essential when re-visiting old tape sessions, he is very easy to be around and a very attentive engineer, and producer with great ideas”(Ciaron Bell)

“Knowledgeable, Intuitive and hard working” (D Hughes, Producer, Red Union Films)