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An opportunity has presented itself to upmix ‘Circles’ via auro 3d software in the coming weeks. At present the suite of music, that was recorded using an original microphone configuration based on an INA5 array and working closely with the principle of ‘critical linking’ over a 360 degree soundstage with no time offsets, has been mixed to be reproduced via a standard 2d horizontal planar 5.1 system.

The original recording utilised a variety of arrays and techniques to capture a sense of spatial depth, placement and clarity. However, now with access to a system that caters for periphonic sound, the b-format files captured by the soundfield alone can be used to embrace a sense of elevation. Through transaural processing the sound images captured over the 360 degree soundstage on the day of tracking via a dummyhead can be used in conjunction with the said ambisonic approach to give the listener a more accurate sense of the original placement of the recorded sound source within a 3D reproduction / playback environment.

For more information on the original recording of ‘Circles’ please follow the link below.

Combined project_Final_compressed